The full-blooded Treeclan cat is characterised by short tails, noticeably compact bodies, and impressive sizes. Though cats are divided into two branches, each with distinct body types, average Treeclan cats prove to be at the top end of the scale in height and/or bulk, meaning that outsiders are immediately identifiable by their smallness. More importantly, the Treeclan cat’s size is no trick of fur thickness, for they live in a prey-rich territory; a region that has supported the development of huge frames and proportionately huge power.

A complete lack of rivals within the valley has seen Treeclan grow into a powerhouse; a clan that is as massive in numbers as it is in physical stature. Though they once shared their territory with another clan they are now the sole rulers of their mountain-protected home, and this has put them in a unique and very comfortable position – though not necessarily for the better. With few outside threats to concern them they have become prone to in-fighting and selfishness, and though they are indisputably strong, they also have little occasion to use that strength. As a result they can be slow to respond to outside attacks (as they have themselves recently discovered), and only half of their number truly know how to fight.


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OC Sᴛᴀᴛɪsᴛɪᴄs

Toms: 9
She’s: 12
Total: 21

By Rank
High Ranks: 3
Warriors: 12
Elders: -
Apprentices: 1
Kits: 5

By Branch
Birds: 11
Boars: 10
Of which Borderline: 4

By Hunting Specialisation
Tree Hunting: 1
Branch Hunting: 5
Ground Hunting: 8

By Primary Specialisation
Hunting: 7
Fighting: 5
Tracking: 2
Teaching: -
Other: 1

Kᴇʏ Tʀᴀɪᴛs

Key Traits
Short tails
Long claws
Large, relatively compact bodies
Rarely have solid / single-colour pelts
Commonly have dappled, striped, and/or dark fur

Large and physically strong
Willing to take on all challenges

Prone to arrogance
Prone to selfishness
Intolerent of differences

'Think with the Bird's Grace'

Cats are named ‘Birds’ when they are tall instead of broad, lithe instead of muscular, and small instead of large. They tend to be faster and considerably more agile than their counterparts, and as such are valued for hunting – but deigned unfit for fighting. The traditional view dictates that Birds are too fragile for anything involving the defence of their clan, but also that they have lither minds; are more suited to problem-solving. As such, Birds are raised to hunt for the clan and maintain the camp, and taught early on to stay out of the way when it comes time to fight.

Primary Roles
Camp Maintenance

NPC Sᴛᴀᴛɪsᴛɪᴄs

Toms: 25
She’s: 16
Total: 41

By Rank
Warriors: 35
Elders: 4
Apprentices: 2
Kits: 0

By Branch
Birds: 27
Boars: 14

By Hunting Specialisation
Tree Hunting: 3
Branch Hunting: 17
Ground Hunting: 19

By Primary Specialisation
Hunting: 22
Fighting: 10
Tracking: 6
Teaching: 2
Other: 1


Bold in life and warfare, with no apparent awareness of consequences or danger, and little tolerance for things that don’t match their own opinions or traditions. Cats tend to be loyal to a fault and often blind themselves to the flaws of those they value, but they can and will turn on those who push them too far – usually with devastating results. The ‘different’ isn’t readily welcomed here, and those who don’t match Treeclan ideals often find themselves isolated and even bullied by their peers until they either learn to conform, or prove their differences in some way useful to the clan.

'Fight with the Boar's Might'

Boars are the embodiment of Treeclan’s strength; the branch of cats born with the greatest bulk and power. They’re not the fastest cats out there, but they more than make up for it with brute strength and sheer ferocity, making them ideal defenders. Indeed, tradition states that the safety of Treeclan lies entirely on their shoulders, and as such most of their time is dedicated to honing their fighting prowess and patrolling the borders. They are capable of hunting, but ultimately exist to protect the clan – and if that means they forgo other duties, then so be it.

Primary Roles
Border patrol
Protecting the clan

Hᴜɴᴛɪɴɢ Sᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟɪᴛɪᴇs

Ground Hunting
This speciality represents the ‘basics’ of hunting, and as such is taught to all apprentices, regardless of their branch. That said, ground hunting done by warriors is largely the domain of Boars, and the only form of hunting most Boars will ever learn. As the name suggests it is entirely ground-bound, relying on more traditional hunting and pouncing skills and coming with few to no real threats to hunters. It has the potential to provide a great variety of prey to the clan, and indeed to allow cats to specialise in a diverse range of prey types, but much of this potential is lost by Ground Hunters’ tendency to ignore anything that isn’t rabbit shaped.

Branch Hunting
Most Treeclaners have some idea of how this speciality works, but its very nature makes it inaccessible to all but the lightest of Boars, and therefore largely the domain of Birds. It is considered a ‘medium-level’ speciality, being a crucial step on the way to Tree Hunting, but even so proves a challenge to most warriors. This is likely because Branch Hunting is predominantly ambush-based, requiring its masters to lie in wait on low-hanging branches and wait for squirrels and (preferably) small birds to stray within range. Though generally safe, if higher risk than Ground Hunting, Branch Hunting is not for all cats.

Tree Hunting
The master Tree Hunter trades the ground for the trees, and as such this speciality is entirely the domain of Treeclan’s Birds. It’s an inherently dangerous form of hunting that sees cats moving through high branches as they would the underbrush, and as such training for this speciality adheres to rigid rules and requires more time than any other form. No cat is permitted to practice this speciality without supervision from a recognised Tree Hunter, and all cats are forbidden from attempting this speciality in windy conditions until they have been utilising it without a mentor for two full moons.

Pʀᴇʏ Sᴘᴇᴄɪᴇs

Preferred Prey
Hares / Rabbits
Quail / Pheasants

Other Prey
Small birds
Ground-dwelling Rodents


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