This page is a companion to TCE’s Fighting Guide, and details the battle tactics taught to, and used by, the clan’s Boars. It deals mainly with tactics designed for the approach of enemies and first moments of battle, and for those tricks that may help to give a warrior an advantage over their opponent. Whilst certain defence tactics may be taught to Treeclan’s Birds, the same cannot be said of these battle tactics; in fact, these methods are known exclusively to Boars, and are guarded almost jealously by many of their number.

The ability to describe and perform these tactics is a crucial part of a Boar apprentice’s training, and, as is the case with Treeclan’s defence and fighting tactics, apprentices must have a sound grasp on the majority of these methods before they will be granted their warrior name. However, unlike the defence and fighting tactics these areas are often practiced in a more ‘enjoyable’ manner, with Treeclan’s Boars arranging mock battles specifically for their use. During these battles a small number of Boars (namely: any Boar who may wish to participate, along with their apprentices) organise themselves into a ‘defending’ and ‘attacking’ team, and then attempt to outwit each other within the forest. The game ends when the ‘attackers’ enter camp or when the ‘defenders’ manage to make them surrender, and many Boars leap at the chance to participate. Unfortunately, its also common for Boars to grow a little over-zealous during these games, with cats almost always landing themselves a visit to the Medicine Cats by the time it ends.

Note: This page is heavily based on the Warriors books, and was put together using a variety of online sources. None of the tactics laid out here are unique to TCE, but all are well known to Treeclan’s Boars.

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  • Keep upwind to mask patrol’s scent
  • Communicate using tail-signals, not words. Travel quietly; try not to break twigs, rustle plants, or startle birds.
  • Keep low to the ground, and, if pelt is lightly coloured, keep to the thickest cover.
  • Watch for freshly broken twigs, overturned leaves, fur caught in brambles, and prey remains.
  • Keep mouth open to track unfamiliar scents. Remember that if there’s no breeze, the enemy may be much closer than assumed.

Gain Higher Ground

  • Attacking from the higher position of a hill, or the top of a small incline, allows cats to direct their attacks downwards and can potentially add greater force to blows, and greater speed to charges. Also forces enemies to expend more energy in reaching defenders, maintaining balance, and warding off blows.

Use Sunlight

  • Cats should keep the light behind them, and force their enemy to look directly towards the sun. This can dazzle enemies in any fight, but may be particularly useful in Greenleaf, when light is strongest, and leafbare, when the sun hovers closer to the eyeline and may prevent enemies from seeing attacks from any direction.

Use Wind Direction

  • Stay upwind when approaching enemy cats, as this may help win the element of surprise (and, for smaller patrols, provides a safer opportunity to judge the size and strength of the enemy force). In battle, cats should keep stronger winds at their backs so that any dust/debris in the air will be blown into the enemy’s face.

Conceal Size of Force

  • Keep patrol tightly bunched when approaching enemies, as this will make the patrol seem smaller and may encourage the enemy to make poor strategic choices. Alternatively, spread patrol out in a single-file line to create the impression of a solid barrier; this may unnerve enemy forces enough to make them retreat, or hesitate in their attack.

Attack Both Ends of Enemy Line

  • If possible, attack enemy groups from both sides at once, and aim to defeat the outlying cats as quickly as possible. This will leave the central cats facing a fight on two fronts, and will a: make them more vulnerable, and b: likely rob them of further will to fight.

Keep Warriors in Reserve

  • If possible, avoid involving all cats in the clan/patrol in the initial attack. Keep a good number of warriors in reserve, ready to replace tired/injured fighters, launch a secondary attack should the enemy attempt to encircle the main force, or fend off surprise attacks. If the battle is going in clan’s favour, these reserve warriors can finish It quickly by moving in to surround the enemy.

Feigned Retreats & Ambush

  • Split forces, with one strong group confronting the enemy, whilst another group hides within holes/dips out of the enemy eyeline. The confronting group should charge and retreat until the enemy gives chase, then lead the enemy cats towards their concealed forces. Concealed warriors attack from behind as soon as the enemy passes them, and confronting warriors turn to attack from the front.


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